Home Care Resources

The following Home Care services may be available to you through Prairie Mountain Health:

  • Assessment and Care Planning for Home Care services, including Palliative Care, and/or Personal Care Home Placement, including Supportive Housing.
  • Case Management/Case Coordination
  • Assistance with Personal Care and Activities of Daily Living
  • Nursing Care – such as treatments and wound dressings
  • Respite Care – to relieve primary caregivers through in home respite or respite in a designated bed in facility.
  • Adult Day Program – a structured community-based program providing social stimulation to individuals and respite to caregivers.
  • Therapy Services – assessment in client’s home by Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist.
  • Equipment/Medical Supplies – to support the provision of care at home
  • Home Oxygen Program – the provision of oxygen concentrators and professional follow up for eligible individuals who require continuous oxygen
  • Self Managed Care/Family Managed Care Options
  • Supportive Housing – provides access to 24-hour support and supervision within a group setting for frail and/or cognitively impaired persons who can no longer safely manage in the community with the support of family and the Home Care programs but are not yet ready for Personal Care Home placement.

How do I get Home Care?

Residents of Prairie Mountain Health region may access home care for an assessment of eligibility for Home Care Services. Anyone may refer an individual to the Home Care Program for assessment of his or her eligibility. Assessments are done by Home Care Case Coordinators who are health care professionals. The Case Coordinator assigned to you will meet with you and your family to discuss your care needs and how best to meet these needs.

This assessment will determine:

  • Whether you are eligible for the program;
  • How to help you and your family organize the help available to you;
  • How to access community resources available to you;
  • What services you may require from Home Care


  • Whether your need for care is best met in another care setting

Contact numbers for home care services in your region:


 Home Care Resources from Other Agencies

Private agencies will provide Home Care for a fee.

Private Agencies List:  Private Agencies List