Long Term Care: When and How?

a) Personal Care Home Placement

A Personal Care Home (PCH) may be the appropriate care setting when:

  • Your loved one can no longer remain safely at home even with home care services;
  • The services your loved one needs can be provided more effectively, safely and economically in a PCH.

b) Application Process

In order to determine if a personal care home is an appropriate option, contact your local Home Care Coordinator who will visit you to help determine your loved one’s need.

The Home Care Coordinator has information to share with you regarding PCH’s and other options in your community. The Home Care Coordinator is also the professional that can help with making application to PCH when your loved one requires this level of care. They will explain the process for getting onto a wait list for PCH, discuss how that wait list is managed, and share other information as relevant.

Local contact numbers for your Home Care Coordinator is available at the link below.


There may be a waiting period before admission to the PCH. During this time, home care services may be provided as necessary.

If admission is required immediately or your loved one is in hospital awaiting placement, you may be asked to accept placement in a different care facility until the PCH of your choice is available.