Westman Aphasia Inc. is a community-based organization dedicated to addressing the needs of individuals and their caregivers who are living with a chronic communication disorder.

Westman Aphasia Inc. consists of a Board of Directors, program clinicians and trained volunteers.

The workshops and monthly programs are provided by program clinicians. Caregivers and healthcare providers can attend a workshop where education in the Supported Conversation or Adults with Aphasia (SCA) approach is provided by a Speech-Language Pathologist who has received the required training from the Aphasia Institute in Toronto, Ontario.

For more information: Westman Aphasia 2017 Brochure

Westman Aphasia Inc.   2017 Board Members

John Combs                                          Co-Chair
Erin Nolan                                             Vice-Chair
Karlie Mymryk                                       Vice-Chair
Elsie Beavis                                          Secretary
Darlynne Smith                                     Treasurer
Carole Black                                         Board Member
Bev Laird Borotsik                                Board Member
Marguerite Molgat Hughes                   Board Member



Brenda Rust, MA SLP (C)       Speech-Language Pathologist

Sharyn Gusdal, MSc SLP (C)   Speech-Language Pathologist

Glenda Gandza, MD