Westman Aphasia Inc. is a community-based organization dedicated to addressing the needs of individuals and their caregivers who are living with a chronic communication disorder.

Westman Aphasia Inc. consists of a Board of Directors, program clinicians and trained volunteers.

The workshops and monthly programs are provided by program clinicians. Caregivers and healthcare providers can attend a workshop where education in the Supported Conversation or Adults with Aphasia (SCA) approach is provided by a Speech-Language Pathologist who has received the required training from the Aphasia Institute in Toronto, Ontario.

For more information: Westman Aphasia 2018 Brochure

Westman Aphasia Inc.   2018 Board Members


John Combs                                          Co-Chair

Erin Nolan                                             Vice-Chair

Karlie Mymryk                                      Vice-Chair

Darlynne Smith                                    Treasurer

Carole Black                                          Board Member

Bev Laird Borotsik                               Board Member

Marguerite Molgat Hughes                Board Member

Barbara Laluk                                       Board Member


WAI Staff


Brenda Rust, MA SLP (C)        Chief Administrative Officer and Program Clinician

Glenda Gandza, MD                 Program Clinician

Christine Cross, RN                  Program Clinician

Charlotte Castle                        Administrative Assistant