Conversation Support Group – Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia (SCA)™

Individuals with aphasia attend these sessions on their own and they will be facilitated by the program clinicians and trained volunteers. A new topic of conversation will be chosen each session. These topics will include discussion about current events, issues of personal interest and living and coping with aphasia. This is an opportunity to further develop and practice using SCA™ tools and techniques, to share with others who have aphasia and to learn from each other’s communication experiences. These sessions are offered in a group setting which promotes peer support amongst the members.

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Caregiver Support Group – Living with Aphasia

Caregivers or communication partners attend these sessions on their own. These sessions will be facilitated by the program clinicians and provide an opportunity to discuss specific communication challenges and psychosocial issues that are a part of coping with aphasia. Peer support from other caregivers and assistance from the program clinicians will help participants address the challenges they experience.

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Learn About Aphasia Information Sessions

As requested

This is an educational event that is open to the public and is facilitated by the program clinicians. Information is provided about aphasia, what it is like to live with a chronic communication impairment, what is involved in communicating with someone who has aphasia and what is involved in supporting those coping with aphasia and their caregivers. Videotaped examples of different types and degrees of aphasia and examples of these individuals using supported conversations techniques (SCA™) developed by the Aphasia Institute in Toronto will be used during this evening.

Let’s Talk Aphasia Workshop

Spring and Fall dates TBA

A workshop to help you learn about aphasia and the tools and strategies that can improve communication with and for individuals living with aphasia.

Volunteer Training Workshop

The volunteers receive a full day of training during the Let’s Talk Aphasia workshop. Ongoing volunteer skill development is provided throughout the year.

Caregiver Outreach Program

Ongoing education and support is provided to caregivers who are not able to attend regular caregiver sessions or require additional follow-up in the community. This is provided through telephone calls, emails and assistance with connecting caregivers with additional community supports.

Special Caregiver Sessions

Educational sessions are provided to caregivers about topics relevant to their living with and caring for individuals with a significant communication impairment.